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E31 BMW V12 Throttle Encoder Plate Replacement Service (Pair) - 850Ci 850i 850CSi 750il

E31 BMW V12 Throttle Encoder Plate Replacement Service (Pair) - 850Ci 850i 850CSi 750il

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This is an installation service for a pair of the upgraded throttle body encoder plates suitable for all V12 M70 (1986-1994) and S70 Engines (1992-1997). Service is for a pair of throttles you send to me. In addition to installing new encoder plates service includes professional cleaning of the gears and the throttle, new caps, seals and gaskets.

Throttle bodies are now NLA. Before going NLA single throttle was prices at 4k USD each. Anyone that has fly by wire BMW and is planning to keep it long term should own one of these encoder plates to make sure your car never becomes lawn art. 
Original encoder plate has several issues, encoder surface get's worn in tracks delaying throttle response and causing throttle lag, molded in resistors fail after 30 years of use causing an EML light and a dead cylinder bank.  

Original encoder plate has been re designed at least 5 times over the years, we took the latest specs of the last BMW production run to build new encoder plates. The Japanese made resistors are highest quality available on the market and the encoder surface is coated and treated to be far more resilient to wear than OEM. 

The result is much improved throttle response, silky smooth idle, no more choking while cruising and up and down idle at start. No more intermittent EML light. Revving and throttle feel on acceleration is notably better! 


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