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BMW E31 850 840 Passengers Side Door Handle Pivot 51218124296

BMW E31 850 840 Passengers Side Door Handle Pivot 51218124296

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Introducing the latest and final version of the door handle pivot design. The pivot is cast out of a high grade steel that is much tougher than even the previous aluminum version and will outlast your door handle. New pivot comes with everything you need, small nylon bushing is pre installed and plug and play pin is included along with a self locking nut. 

This is a complete plug and play BMW E31 850 840 Passenger side (Or Driver's side on RHD cars) door handle repair pivot bar, NO modification required!

Original BMW handlebar is made out of pot metal and is too weak for the application.

Over time every E31 door handle will fail preventing you from opening the door from the outside.

Handle is no longer available from BMW and the pivot is not sold separately.

To remove the original pivot from the handle outer pin gets drilled out and provided pin with a self locking nut is used instead. Use silicone lube on all the pins for smoother operation! Quick tip, on re installation of the door handle make sure the locking tab get's inserted into the lock fork. If it does not you won't be able to lock the door with the key. 

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